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Project: Sakagura

Location: Mayfair, London

Concept: Hospitality

Year: 2017

Products used: JOE S M TS, JOE H65 / H75 

In the heart of London’s Mayfair district is located the restaurant and bar “Sakagura”, a Japanese restaurant that offers traditional dishes known throughout the world for their harmonious mix of flavors that cover the five elements and stimulate all the senses. The natural wood in the particular flamed walnut finish is the element around which the design of the locale has been modeled. For the decor of the counter has been chosen the Joe stool, design Midj r&d, and for the restaurant area, the choice fell on the chairs of the same Joe collection, both available in an endless combination of materials and colors.                Credits: Furniture Fusion

Chair with four legs frame in lacquered steel. Seat and backrest upholstered in leather, eco-leather, fabric or custom’s fabric. Available version with backerest’s front face upholstered and wooden back.

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Stool with four legs base in lacquered steel. Seat and backrest upholstered in fabric, leather, ecoleather or hide.
The backrest is available with front face upholstered and back in veneered wood, or wooden seat and backrest.

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JOE H65 / H75