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Our vision

Through collaboration with internationally renowned designers, our style is eclectic and cosmopolitan. Our philosophy focuses on finding the correct balance between material and form, aesthetics and function, manufacturability and originality. 

We combine the value of “doing it right” in the constant search for the best solutions to make everyday seating and furniture that can accompany us over time, making living in any environment, at home as in a hotel, in a restaurant as in an office, a moment of well-being.



About Us

We make chairs and tables, and ours is a long history.      In almost a hundred years we have acquired a wealth of experience, which, together with our unfailing curiosity, leads us to always be on the cutting edge.

 We are always looking for new solutions in materials and forms: from solid wood to steel, from leather to integral polyurethane, from natural elements to materials produced with the latest technologies; from the most rigorous to organic forms, in a mix of international inspirations that delineate the TONON product.

The dialogue with international professionals pushes us every day to confront and evolve; to understand and understand each other, to design together beautiful, functional seats and tables that become iconic over time.

All this, with the mission of guaranteeing seats and furniture complements capable of being a plus of contemporary living at an international level, while maintaining the link with the territory, through a 100% Made in Italy production.

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