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Project: Blue Scoop House

Location: India

Concept: residential

Product used: River Stone and Fl@t Armchairs Soft Upholstered

The intent of the Blu Scoop House designed by the architectural firm DIG Architects was to work in the context of Indian cultural narrative with a new interpretive language that allows a dynamic experience, varies and at the same time lasting for the end user. 

The studio selected the River Stones for both the interior and the terrace, while for the dining room, the Fl@t armchair soft upholstered covered in Nordic fabric. 

Fl@t Armchair Soft Upholstered 9 W3

Shell in fibreglass plywood, padded and covered in fabric or leather.

Designer: Martin Ballendat

River Stone 903

Self-supporting polyurethane structure “soft touch plus”.

Designer: Mac Stopa