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Project: Formo

: Berlino, Belgio

Concept: offices, laboratories and shared spaces

Product used: Oxton, Pula Round and Mixis

Rethink, recreate, reform. Facing the river Spree, in the heart of the punk ad alternative district of Friedrichshain in Berlin, stands the headquarters of Formo, Biotech startup that reimagines the dairy food system by replacing animal proteins with microorganisms. The company’s indipendent and vibrant approach is reflected in the HQ makeover, defined by Architect Susanne Philippson. Between offices laboratories and shared spaces, we enter a fresh and innovative dimension, in which Pola Round and Mixixs – two chairs that represent the sustainable design par excellence, in Crassevig, are located. The architectural context is designed according to the balance between tradition and the desire to take care of the Planet which is a fundamental value for Formo.

Oxton 200

Solid wood structure. Wood top.

Designer: Enrico Franzolini


Mixis RS

In the Mixis chair, plywood and solid wood, different materials for technical and aesthetic characteristics, meet with perfect joints, creating a seat with fluid and light lines, in different colors.
Solid wood structure. seat and back in plywood. Upholstered panels available on the seat and back.

Designer: Mario Ferrarini