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Project: Hotel Valdys resort 

Location: Francia

Concept: hotel

Product used: Corda and Moon

Located in the charming coastal town of Roscoff, Hotel Valdys Resort is a haven surrounded by beautiful beaches and a rich maritime history. Designed and furnished by Volumes Carres, it guarantees a perfect integration between modern comfort and charm. 

Complemented by the stools and chairs of the Corda and Moon Collection, the restaurant is an explosion on colors and natural light, which creates a cozy atmosphere for guests. The bedrooms are embellished with the chair and the Rope Lounge with a total black look, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the intricate details of the bedroom. 

Corda lounge 162.21

Steel structure, powder-coated for outdoors: in this way, in addition to aesthetics, this technique helps to preserve the structure from corrosion and chemical processes due to the climate. The powder varnish is solvent-free and does not release volatile organic compounds; moreover, it complies with EN 71-3.
The nautical top is a synthetic fiber with an internal PET core with external coating in High Tenacity polyester: it guarantees excellent resistance to weathering, abbrasion and traction. Weight: 8 kg.

Designer: Peter Maly

Little Moon Soft Touch 908

Fixed or swivel, solid wood, steel or die-cast aluminum. For every aesthetic and functional need.

Designer: Mac Stopa