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Project: Rooms

Location: Tel Aviv, Israele

Concept: space co-working

Year: 2019

Product used: Suite, Strike, Apelle and Maya

The Fattal Group co-working spaces occupy 1200 square meters in the Amot Bituach tower, in the middle of the Tel Aviv business district. Roy David Studio faced the design challenge of creating a space that would appeal to tenants/professionals looking for a collaborative and enjoyable environment to work in, while providing a hotel experience. ROOMS residents have a wide range of work areas to choose from, whether it’s an informal meeting in the lounge, desks in the lobby or a private conversation in the cabin. 

A special and fun touch is found at the entrance, on the wall behind the reception desk, painted an intense and saturated green , are hung keys that simulate the experience of a check in at the hotel. Our Suite lounge chairs with wooden legs and leather seat complete the appearance of the entrance. 

The design concept continues in more informal spaces such as the kitchen which is a shared space for meeting and working, as well as being the dining area. Both of these spaces have been decorated with our Strike collections (stools and chairs) an our Maya stool. All wooden models characterized by a linear design typically Nordic. 

Poltrona lounge Suite AP L CU

Lounge with structure in stained ash. Seat and back in TK leather or Tuscan leather.

Designer: AtelierNanni

Poltroncina Sonny PB M TS_Q

Strike chair with wooden structure and back in painted metal.

Designer: AtelierNanni