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Project: Scalaria

Location: Am Wolfgangssee, Austria

Concept: hotel

Product used: Fl@t Armchair and Quo Soft Touch

Each room becomes a focal point where you can communicate, work, meet. And enjoy some good relaxation.

To create the perfect atmosphere, the focus was on fresh and lively tones: our “Quo” chairs, modern and with a curious “twisted” backrest, in bright yellow integral polyurethane, were chosen for the meeting room. 

The lounge area is described with one word: “eclectic”. Different shades and styles contaminate each other making the environment cool and playful. In this case you have chosen our armchairs “Fl@t” in white fabric and details in black matt lacquered alluminum.

For the restaurant, however, the choice fell on the “Up” chairs, upholstered in red fabric. 

Each area is characterized by large windows to naturally illuminate the spaces and to open the gaze to a breathtaking landscape. A dynamic environment in which to work/or relax, enjoying nature. 

Quo Soft Touch 910

Not only beautiful to look at: particular detail offers the backrest also a slight flexibility that makes it comfortable, just comfortable.

Designer: Martin Ballendat

Fla@t Armchair 923

Shell in plywood fibreglass cardboard, covered in fabric or leather.

Designer: Martin Ballendat