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Project: Thales Melbourne

: Melbourne, Australia

Concept: place to innovate, learn and gather 

Product used: Pola Round and Pola Light

Achieving tomorrow, through skills, talents, technologies and cultures. A well-rounded conversion can bring out the best of every professional context. The Thales Group’s corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, has been transformed to take advantage of the abundance of natural light, transforming into an open, modern and flexible space. A place to innovate, learn and come together, thanks to new and functional elements such as the different chairs Pola Round and Pola Light that populate the environments. After all, an intelligent, minimal and versatile design generates a better operating environment.

Pola Light 65/4W
Polypropylene shell, with padded or padded seat.
Four legs in solid turned oak. Steel footrest.

Designer: LC Studio

Pola Round P/4W
Poypropylene shell, with padded or padded seat. Fur legs in chromed or painted steel.

Designer: LC Studio